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New Fellows

2012 fellow-collage

About Newest Fellows:

This year, UC/ACCORD awarded 12 dissertation fellows to doctoral candidates from five UC campuses. Read the press release for more information.


About Fellows:

UC/ACCORD was established to engage University of California scholars in research that will support and inform Californians’ efforts to replace prevailing patterns of schooling inequality and disparities in access to higher education with equitable conditions and outcomes for children from all sectors of our diverse state. UC/ACCORD is interested in increasing the number of graduate students and faculty within the UC system who are working in areas that inform its goals. It also supports scholars who have been working in this area for whom additional funding can support a better connection with UC/ACCORD activities.

Since 2001, UC/ACCORD has awarded 100 dissertation fellowships, 11 postdoctoral fellowships and 24 faculty seed grants.

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