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Literacy Research Contractor


Literacy Research Contractor


The Literacy Research Contractor is a time-limited, grant-funded independent contractor for The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. Working in coordination with the Director of Programs for the Community Engagement Department and KOREH L.A. staff members, the Research Contractor will conduct and analyze research on the current state of literacy work in Los Angeles County.


Scope of Responsibilities and Expectations

Conduct a scan of the Los Angeles County “literacy landscape”

  • Determine current efforts to address illiteracy in Los Angeles County
  • Create a map of Los Angeles County, which geographically identifies current literacy work and highlights gaps in service
  • Group current literacy services by category – i.e. services that provide books, mentoring services, tutoring, large events, celebrities, etc.

Create a blueprint for what should be happening in Los Angeles County, which identifies –

  • The best practice policies that are instrumental in addressing illiteracy
  • The organizational infrastructure that must be in place to effectively combat illiteracy
  • The most effective community organizations working in the field today, and why


Final Deliverables

  • The Literacy Research Contractor will produce a master report which addresses the above topics. The master report will also suggest viable program growth opportunities for The Jewish Federation as it seeks to eliminate illiteracy in Los Angeles County.



  • The contractor will agree to provide up to 150 hours for the project and will not exceed a three month period
  • Compensation to be determined


To Apply

  • Email resume and cover letter to Kristine Eller, KOREH L.A. Program Coordinator, at
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